NIREAS Engineering (NIREAS) is a Consulting Company within several fields Engineering (Maritime, Geotechnical, Surveying, Structural, etc)

The Company ventures into surveying, design, technical and construction management of harbor, port, coastal, offshore, pipeline/cable projects, Geotechnical, Geological, consultancies.   

NIREAS’s key management officers are engineers well established in the market, with an excellent reputation and strong customer relations. The company is developing into a strong active competitor in the market of Maritime Engineering Services. The company has skilled dedicated staff and a database of highly qualified contract personnel and consultants.

NIREAS provides sound Maritime Engineering solutions and advice to customers and is recognized for their innovative and prompt response to the Client requirements. From the very start, NIREAS has developed into an excellent consultant and trusted advisor to government and municipal departments and corporate Clients in all areas of the Maritime Engineering Industry.

healthy, safe, secure, environmentally responsible, high quality manner.